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The Verve Premier Collection

Treat your patients with VERVE!

Everything you desire in a bracket

  • Guaranteed Ease of Use
  • Treatment Efficiency
  • Predictable Results

Verve is precision manufactured to a design that fulfils all your expectations of a high quality bracket. Created to provide great strength and reliability, with features that will allow you to treat with confidence, now you can really enjoy using Verve and your patients will love them!

Precision Manufacture

Verve has an advanced design that combines Metal Injection Moulding (MIM) and Computer Numerator Controlled Milling (CNC). MIM allows for a smaller and more detailed design which has greater strength whilst the CNC milling provides the most accurate of slots for advanced sliding mechanics.

Ease of Use

Verve incorporates many features to help in bracket placement, bonding and ligation of elastomerics; the compound contoured Super Grip base means there is no need to worry about accidental debonds. All bicuspids feature an offset base making it easier to bond partially erupted teeth while still providing straight wire mechanics. The additional option of an extended bonding pad means the brackets are easier to position as it allows the bracket slot and more of the base to be visible during bonding. Bond strength is also increased with these bases. Bracket kits are conveniently supplied pre-loaded onto bracket orientation cards ready for bonding to save you both time and money.

Treatment Results

Verve provides you with efficient and predictable treatment case after case, with true torque in the base delivering exact bracket prescription values, accurate slots and in/out dimensions with fewer wire bends. Your patients will appreciate the comfort, look and the results too!

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