Walser Matrices Set of 10 with Forceps

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The advantages of Walser® dental matrices

Quickly and easily applied and removed

One grip. Click. Fits: Unlike conventional matrices and sectional matrices you can put or remove a Walser matrix with a single motion. In seconds! The annoying fiddling in the mouth of your patients has an end. Watch for yourself. Our user video shows you how quickly and easily you can put on a Walser matrix over a cofferdam clamp. At complete fit and usually without wedges! Also particularly suitable for composites.

Protection of the neighbour tooth at the preparation

During the preparation the neighbour tooth can be protected optimally. When placed with a single motion the Walser matrix spans around the tooth to be prepared automatically. The matrix band protects the neighboring tooth through this. However, the matrix also can be put directly on the neighboring tooth as a preparation protection.

Rarely wedges required

Due to the perfect fit of the Walser Matrices you need wedges rarely. And should this indeed be the case, that is no problem. Because the wedge holder is already installed in the O-shape matrix and also prevents the wedge from slipping occlusally. When removing the matrix, the wedges are automatically removed with the matrix in one single motion.

No screwing, no tightening

Screwing and thightening Goodbye. Walser Matrices are self-tightening, i.e. they span themselves automatically all by itself around the tooth. The sophisticated technology ensures that the matrices never lose their constant tension.

Even with small mouth openings

As Walser Matrices have a delicate design, they are ideal for use even with small mouths openings.

No problems with tight spaces between teeth

As the Walser matrix is used pulled tight, the matrix strip remains stable and does not deform. Thus, the Walser matrix glides easily through the approximal contact. Apart holding of teeth is not required.

Adapt automatically to the tooth shape

While conventional matrices must be manually adjusted by you with wedges to the conical tooth shape, so they fit at all cervical, the Walser matrix spans all by itself perfectly to the tooth. Using wedges is generally unnecessary.

Rare papillary bleeding

When inserting Walser Matrices it comes to rare papillary bleeding because they are sliding along the tooth, unlike other systems do it. In addition, the matrix immediately protects the cavity floor from any rising blood.

At the same time ideal cotton roll holder

Walser Matrices are matrices and cotton roll holder in one, because under the yoke of the matrix, the cotton roll keeps all by itself. A separate bracket is inapplicable.

Patient can close the mouth and bite

Your patients will thank you. Because despite of a Walser matrix in their mouth, they can bite and close their mouth.

Ideal for children – X-shape for two fillings simultaneously

In the medication of two dihedral fillings and existing interdental space the X form brings a real facility – especially for children. Because usually due to their impatience, only one filling will be laid. That will not only please the children!

Special matrix for one-sided deep caries

For one-sided deep caries, there are the special matrices no. 6c and 10c. These are saving the trouble of extending the strips by cutting them, which is normally required in such cases. One grip. Click. Fits. With the no. 6c and 10c one-sided deep caries can be medicated without additional expense immediately.

Filling ending permanent teeth – special matrix cervical tightened around the tooth

Conventional matrix systems do not provide a convincing solution for ending permanent teeth and extra large molars, because ending permanent teeth can not be wedged. Unlike Walser: The No. 23/24 is ideal for such cases. It fits disto-cervical automatically, comfortably placed in seconds with one hand movement, prevents over-stuffing and saves you from the grinding away of surplus. A real facility!

The no. 24 also holds over the cofferdam clamp

While other matrix systems have difficulties in putting a matrix over the cofferdam clamp, you have the perfect solution with the Walser matrix no. 24. It also holds over the cofferdam clamp.

Solutions for front teeth

Also for the fillings in front teeth Walser appropriate matrices. One grip. Click. Fits. Fill. Done! (see clip XF-matrix).

Precision and satisfied customers – made in Germany

Since the existence of Dr. Walser Dental numerous patents were registered. So we have from the practice for the practice developed a sophisticated system of Walser® matrices with forceps. Scientific and practical experience have been introduced through the development of diverse fits in the perfect
system today. Walser Matrices are made in Germany since 1948 by hand and are constantly being improved. The outstanding quality of the products is demonstrated by the fact that the complaint rate is practically zero. Not for nothing every day tens of thousands of dentists worldwide in more than 120 countries work with Walser Matrices and the number is increasing every day…

Testimonials from professors and dentists all over the world: https://www.walser-dental.com/en/professional-reports/testimonials/

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